Our mission is to Understand Disabilities l Create Opportunities l Promote Community.

We believe families know their children best, that youth thrive in environments with their peers and that everyone deserves a place in the community to live, learn and grow.

We offer unique family support services.  We provide our expertise and knowledge in providing direct support to infants and toddlers with developmental delays, and to children, teens and adults with developmental disabilities or traumatic brain injuries.

We strive to create a community in which all may participate by:

Offering support and education to parents of children from birth to age three;

Supporting child care professionals to include children with varying abilities in their programs;

Offering afterschool and summer care for teens with specials needs;

Providing vital relief to parents or other primary caregivers through our respite program;

Recommending advocacy and resources throughout the community; and

Assisting adults with developmental disabilities and traumatic brain injuries.

Through collaborative partnerships with other organizations, volunteers and donors, we are able to dedicate more than 90% of our agency budget to direct, local services.