Wish List

Thank you for considering how you may be able to help!  The following Wish List consists of items will help some of the many children and adults supported by UCP.

Birth to 3 Connections

Infant gum massagers
Vibrating teethers
Toddler vibrating toothbrushes
Sign language board books

Youth Resources

Gardetto’s individual snack packs
Soda (in cans)
Yard games / outdoor games (i.e. ladder golf, bean bag toss, etc)
Sand toys
Beach towels
Gift certificates for bookstores, mini golf, movie theaters, Goodman Pool, office supplies, hobby shops, etc
Puzzles, age-appropriate for teens
Arts and craft supplies: paper, paint, markers, clay, stickers, canvas, etc.
Popsicle molds
Boom box with iPod dock
PG and PG-13 DVDs
First aid kit supplies: band-aids, anti-bacterial lotion, kleenex packs, gauze, vinyl gloves (all sizes)

 Adult Support Services

Sheet sets and blankets
Bus passes
Gift certificates for hats / scarves / gloves
Gift certificates for self-care items (soap, toothpaste, feminine and incontinence products, etc)
Gift certificates to restaurants, fast food chains and grocery stores
Tickets to plays, concerts, festivals, dance performances, etc.
Board games / card games