Maddie’s Car

UCP works collaboratively within the community to create opportunities for those we serve.

We are so grateful to continue our partnership and work with the UW Engineering students each year.  During the course of a semester, student engineers and faculty focus on various adaptive equipment projects for UCP clients.  The students design and fabricate adaptive aids that are not always commercially available.

Recently, the engineering students developed an adaptive car, inspired by Dr. James C. (Cole) Galloway’s Go Baby Go project at the University of Delaware.  We worked with Maddie, a two-year-old client and her parents. Maddie has limited use of her legs and feet, so is unable to use a traditional pedal bike or car. We challenged the UW students to design something that would fit Maddie’s needs, yet be flexible enough to be adapted for other children that may have different needs.

The final product incorporated a 5-point harness that allowed for various seats to be swapped out according to need. A ‘Big Red Button,’ takes the place of the foot pedals and a parental control handle was added to the back of the car.   Maddie loves her car and the independence it has enabled.

The collaboration is the culmination of numerous creative minds coming together and truly creating opportunities for those we serve.

For further details, view on the project manual and final report.

Thank you for allowing Maddie to participate in the project. She has used the car for the full run time every day. Maddie truly loves the freedom that the car provides and gets noticeably excited when she is in, or even near, the car!

Jess, Maddie’s Mom

Several of the students working on Maddie’s car said that watching her drive it was the most rewarding moment of their lives!

Katie Kalscheur, UW Class Instructor