Gait Trainer

UCP recently presented a particularly challenging project to the student engineers.  Julie, a woman with a traumatic brain injury, was in need of a specially designed gait trainer to help her walk again.  Gait trainers are often available for children in a variety of designs, but the selection for adults is very limited.

We introduced Julie to the small group of UW students.  Together, UCP staff, Julie, her family and the UW Engineering team developed an initial design that addressed challenges in creating a gait trainer to meet Julie’s needs.  Among other considerations, Julie only has the use of one hand, so the students had to design the trainer with a mounted brake that operates both wheels from only one side.

The end product is the result of a number of creative minds collaborating to truly create opportunities.

To view further details, see the project manual and final report.

(Click here to view photos of the gait trainer on our Flickr page.)