Spider Cage

UCP works collaboratively within the community to create opportunities for those we serve.

We are so grateful to continue our partnership and work with the UW Engineering students each year.  During the course of a semester, student engineers and faculty focus on various adaptive equipment projects for UCP clients.  The students design and fabricate adaptive aids that are not always commercially available.


The Spider Cage is a multi-year project with UW’s College of Engineering.


A Spider Cage is essentially a cube about 7 feet square that a therapist can use to work on a variety of muscles.  It is especially helpful for people with movement disorders or those who cannot fully support their entire weight.  A person using a Spider Cage wears a harness that is attached at various points on the cage with resistance bands.  A therapist can add resistance bands to different points on the harness or on the person’s arms or legs to focus exercises on specific muscles.  This project started as a request to the UW School of Biomedical Engineering with funding from UCP’s Bellows Fund.


The Spider Cage is made out of a lightweight extruded aluminum frame with plastic coated steel mesh for the cage material.  It incorporates colorful padded flooring and swim noodle padding on all parts near the entrance.  This Spider Cage enables a number of adults with developmental disabilities to increase strength and mobility.


The collaboration is the culmination of numerous creative minds coming together and truly creating opportunities for those we serve.