Tray Table

Teresa, a woman with cerebral palsy, needed a tray that could comfortably hold her communication board, tablet and joystick that would fit securely on her chair. The previous tray set up was unsteady and difficult to adjust. We challenged UW Engineering students to create a better design for Teresa that would be sturdy, adjustable to different angles and heights and provide a more comfortable set up for her. We asked that it also be easy to set up and store as needed. An important part of the request was that the tablet, joystick, and communication board fit comfortably on the tray without moving.

The students made a beautiful tray for Teresa with a removable holder for her tablet. The tray includes a tilt angle feature. The tray is specifically designed for Teresa’s chair, but may be easily adapted to other chairs as needed.  To view project details on the tray, including instructions and supply costs, click here.