Wisco Wheels

UCP works collaboratively with community partners to create opportunities for those we serve.  We are grateful to continue our partnership and work with the UW Engineering students each year.  During the course of a semester, student engineers and faculty focus on various adaptive equipment projects for UCP clients.  The students design and fabricate adaptive aids that are not always commercially available.


The Wisco Wheels car was built for Lundyn, a 20 month-old girl who has cerebral palsy.  Lundyn has limited use of her arms and legs and struggles to move.  The goal of this project was to provide her with a way to move around, controlling her environment and building strength in both her arms and legs.


The UW students adapted a flash red sports car in a way that allows her parents to encourage movement in her arms or her legs.  The student engineers also designed a specialized steering wheel that incorporates the accelerator function.  They also installed a switch which allows an option to activate the ‘gas’ accelerator peddle or the adaptive steering wheel.  This provides an opportunity to encourage Lyndon to use her arms one day and her legs another day.  The students sought feedback from Lundyn’s team along the way and incorporated suggestions before presenting the final product at the end of the project.


Working with the UW Engineering Students is a collaboration which brings together a team of dedicated and creative minds to truly create opportunities for those we serve.