Assessment and Planning

Assessment and Planning is a component of Adult Services, staffed by Planning Coordinators and a Community Builder.  It is designed to offer short-term intervention to individuals in need of temporary assistance. Assessment and Planning staff involvement averages eleven months, but may vary from one month to several years. Planning Coordinators typically work with people who are new to the developmental disability support system in Dane County. Our Assessment and Planning Program is the only program in Dane County that works with adults (other than veterans) who are transitioning out of a traumatic brain injury rehabilitation center.

Our Community Builder is responsible for helping individuals lead independent, productive and satisfying lives by improving their ability to function and contribute in their home, work and community environment. The Community Builder’s focus is to provide educational experiences and to expand social networks.

Areas of assistance are specific to each person’s needs and may include:

Assisting people during transitional periods in their lives;

Coordinating services and referrals to community-based services;

Completing assessments and applying for available funding;

Exploring subsidized, affordable housing options;

Assisting with accessing Social Security benefits;

Making recommendations regarding long-term support;

Working with individuals and their Service Providers to ensure a holistic approach to support; and

Completing Community Integration Program and Brain Injury Waiver applications.

For more information about Assessment and Planning, call (608) 273-8482 or email