Support Brokering

Support Brokering is a component of Adult Services that provides case management services to adults participating in Dane County’s Self-Directed Services (SDS) Initiative. Participants, referred by Dane County’s Department of Human Services (DHS), may interview any available Support Broker. The SDS Coordinator at Dane County DHS coordinates interviews. The participant then chooses the Support Broker with whom they prefer to work and an agreement is drawn up outlining the nature of the service expectations.

Support Brokers are guided by the choices of the participant. They are available to assist people in planning and arranging the services they desire and are able to negotiate service budgets on their behalf.

All Support Brokers have past experience providing direct service to people with developmental disabilities, an essential component to understanding what it takes to deliver quality support. Although each Support Broker works privately with the individual, they are also part of a team that provides support. Back-up is also provided to team members in the case of an emergency.

For more information about Support Brokering, call (608) 273-8482 or email