Community Outreach

UCP’s Community Outreach Program is designed to meet the needs of families and individuals with developmental disabilities. Our services are available to individuals with disabilities, families, community members and professionals. Services may be provided throughout Southern Wisconsin and include:

Advocacy We support and assist individuals with disabilities and their families in achieving full inclusion in community life.

Resources and Referrals We work to connect and help people locate and access resources closest to their geographical location. We offer a toll free number for convenience. We also maintain a small library of resources on a range of topics suitable for all ages.

Public Education We are committed to improving public awareness about developmental disabilities through ongoing advocacy and educational activities. We offer public education (workshops, presentations and discussions) to both adults and children on a variety of subjects related to inclusion, friendships or developmental disabilities.

Consultations We offer individualized consultations to ensure that families caring for children with disabilities have opportunities for their child to learn, grow and develop with their peers. Topics may include inclusion in community environments; behavioral challenges or communication issues. Consultations are designed to meet individual needs and may be conducted over the phone or in person.

For more information please call (608) 273-4434 or fill out our UCP Contact Form and email it to our Community Outreach Specialist.