Birth to 3

Adoption Resources of Wisconsin – Information, support and advocacy for parents adopting children with or without special needs.

Bridges for Families – Providing child development services for children under age 3 in the Madison School District.

Catalyst Home Health – In-home assistance for children with disabilities. Call 608-238-8119.

Child Care Assistance Program – Provide a variety of services to assist parents in the city of Madison with child care needs.

Child Care Information Center – Resources and referrals to child care agencies.

Children’s Neurobiological Solutions – Offering caregivers and individuals information on local chapters and new research studies.

Children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN) – Information, resources and referrals, parent support through trainings and connections to other parents, and service coordination through linkages to local public health departments.

Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin – Provides a variety of programs for children, parents and families. 

Chileda SNAP Program – SNAP (Sixty Day to Nine Month Assessment Program) provides assessment by an interdisciplinary team and a step-by-step plan for treatment and habilitation within the home, community and school settings.

Columbia County Birth to 3 – Services for children up to age 4 with developmental delays and disabilities.

Common Threads Family Resource Center – Enhancing the development of children with autism spectrum disorders and to providing their families with support and direction.

Communication Development Program – Serves people with varying degrees of physical and mental handicaps.  The program addresses communication needs in the areas of conversation, writing and computer access through evaluation, therapy, training and information.

Communication Innovations Therapy – Wide variety of therapies for children in need of assistance.

Community Coordinated Child Care – 4-C assists parents in selecting quality child care, offers training and support to child care center staff and family day care providers, works with employers to develop child care services, and collects child care information for community planning.

Developmental Disabilities and Child Development Clinic – The Developmental Disabilities Clinic offers specialized diagnostic and assessment services to persons who have, or are suspected of having, developmental problems.

Dodge County Birth to Three – Providing resources for children ages birth to three for evaluation and therapy.

Exchange Center for the Prevention of Child Abuse – Programs build parents’ strengths by providing intensive, home-based support, information and advocacy.

Family Support and Resource Center – Programs include Family Support (advocacy and referral), Community Inclusion (facilitating connections between children and programs), and Families Can’t Wait (funding support).

Feeding Clinic – Providing interdisciplinary assessments for children at high risk for feeding issues because of newborn health status.

Grant County Birth to Three – Providing services and therapy for children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays and disabilities.

Hancock Center for Movement Arts and Therapy – Dance/movement therapy through individual, family and group sessions. 

Integrated Development Services – Provide behavioral therapy and relationship-based therapy (Stanley Greenspan’s “floor time”).  Social skills groups for children of differing ages and ability levels.

Iowa County Birth to 3 – Evaluation and services for children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.

Jefferson County Birth to 3 – Evaluation and services for children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.

Juneau County Birth to Three – Evaluation and services for children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.

Katie Beckett Program – Assisting children who are not eligible for MA due to income to enable their eligibility through this program.

Kindred Kids – Lending books, toys, and equipment for kids of all ages and abilities including mobility items and adaptive equipment. 

Little Friends, Inc. – Online newsletter, tips, and catalog for assistive items for children with autism.

Logan’s Heart and Smiles – Adapts the homes of children with physical disabilities to make them safe and accessible.

Medical Assistance Program (Healthy Start) – Financial assistance for medical services. Call 800-722-2295.

Mothers United for Moral Support (MUMS) – Provide support to parents in the form of a nationwide networking system that matches them with other parents whose children have the same or similar conditions.

National Early Childhood Transition Center – Investigate and validate practices and strategies that enhance the early childhood transition process and support positive school outcomes for children with disabilities.

Native American Family Empowerment Center GLITC – Direct advocacy to students, birth to 21, and their families, trainings on special education issues, equity, diversity, and general overview of the law.

Parents as Leaders – Group of parents and other care givers who meet together 5 times per year to learn about resources, roles for parents in birth to 6, explore topics related to individuals with disabilities, and develop a support system for each other.

Phonology Clinic – Individualized treatment programs for children in need to speech therapy.

Portage Project – Home visits for children ages birth to 3 with disabilities. They work with parents and provide early intervention trainings.

Rainbow Project – Outpatient therapy for children dealing with trauma, including: child abuse, neglect domestic violence, social stress and emotional issues.

Relationship Development Intervention – Group for parents in the Madison, Wisconsin area who are doing (or considering) a Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) program for their child(ren) with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome. Intended to be a way for families to share information, ideas and resources on doing RDI.

Respite Center – Offers center-based crisis and respite child care, as space permits, to families with children aged birth through 14 years, 24 hours a day.

Richland County Birth to 3 – Evaluation and services for children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.

Safe at Home Program (SAFE) – Intensive family counseling program designed to work with families with children under age 11 that are in danger of being place outside the home.

Satellite Family Child Care – Offers services and referrals to parents wanting quality childcare in monitored family childcare homes. 

Sauk County Birth to Three – Evaluation and services for children ages birth to 3 with developmental delays or disabilities.

Waisman Early Childhood Program – Provides educational programming for typically developing children and children with disabilities in an integrated, childcare and preschool setting, ages birth to 8.