Sibshops-A program just for siblings of kids with disabilities

Brothers and sisters will have the longest-lasting relationship with a sibling who has a disability – one that can easily exceed 65 years. During their lives, they will experience most of the unique concerns and joys their parents do. But few siblings of kids with disabilities ever have a chance to talk about their issues with others who “get it” – until now. Sibshops offer exciting new support, information and recreation opportunities for siblings ages 7-12.

Brothers and sisters of kids with disabilities from Dane County will now be able to meet other kids whose brothers and sisters have disabilities and talk about the good and not-so-good parts of having a sibling with a disability. Most importantly, they’ll have fun!

In addition to receiving peer support, Sibshop participants will play lively games, learn about their siblings’ disabilities and the services they receive, participate in cooking and craft activities and make new friends. Sibshops are a spirited celebration of the many contributions made by brothers and sisters.

Many brothers and sisters have feelings that are difficult to express, even to a friend: sadness that a sister can’t learn things that others take for granted; anger when a brother’s behavior prevents the family from doing things other families do; or the special pride when a sibling with a disability learns a basic, but important, life skill after months or years of practice. At Sibshops, they’ll have an opportunity share these feelings with others who truly understand.

Please click on Upcoming Sibshops for upcoming programs. For more information or to register, email Carol Van Handel or call (608) 237-8502.