Mission and Core Values

Understanding Disabilities l Creating Opportunities l Promoting Community

We believe families know their children best, that youth thrive in environments with their peers and that everyone deserves a place in the community to live, learn and grow.  We are committed to supporting children and adults with developmental disabilities or delays and their families.  To fulfill this commitment, we adhere to the following core values:

Full Community Membership: We believe everyone deserves a place in the community to work, live, learn and grow. We believe the community is enriched by diversity and participation of all members.

Collaborative Partnerships: We believe that it is our role to assist people in taking as much responsibility for their lives as possible while recognizing that we all thrive with mutual support.

Informal and Natural Supports: We believe it is our role to support and enhance the natural means which keep families healthy and allow for the inclusion of all people in our community.

Community Connections: We believe it is vital that we weave our services into the fabric of community life. Increasing community awareness is an essential component of our services.

Quality Relationships: We strive to support individuals with developmental disabilities in living a life that involves those who are important to them.