Respite/Youth Resources

“I would recommend working for this program for any student interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. The knowledge I gained about autism from my hands on experiences far surpassed what I have learned in the classroom.”

Regular Positions.

To apply for regular positions submit your resume to Human Resources.

CARES Coordinator

UCP is seeking a full-time CARES Coordinator to join our team of professionals in our Respite & Youth Resources program . The focus of this position is to both prevent out of home placement, as well as reunify children in institution-like settings with their families. This is a fast-paced position that works directly with children in local child-care programs, works with teens in the community and coordinates respite care for families.

Responsibilities include supporting families in crisis, behavior support plan creation and implementation, managing and supervising direct support staff; and leading/coordinating teams. The successful candidate will have a passion for supporting people with disabilities and their families, as well as a solid philosophy of inclusion. This position requires strong interpersonal skills, experience supporting challenging behaviors, excellent verbal and written communication, and a history of working cooperatively with others.


  • MSW or MA in a related field
  • At least 3 years’ experience working with families in crisis and children/youth with disabilities.
  • A reliable vehicle, driver’s license and insurance coverage are required.
  • Bilingual in Spanish/English or Hmong/English is a plus!


  • Health and Dental benefits effective day 1!
  • 15 days of paid vacation and 12 days of paid health time in year 1!
  • 13 paid holidays annually!
  • Agency paid life insurance and short- and long-term disability insurance!
  • Flexible hybrid work schedules!

Part-Time Positions

If interested in any of the positions below, please complete an online application or contact our respite hiring team at 608-237-8501. 

Inclusion Facilitators – Youth Resources

This part-time position works directly with children and/or teenagers with developmental disabilities. Depending on the age of the child this position may be providing services in a child care program or in the Madison community at large. Facilitators are tasked with modeling appropriate interactions to the child’s peers, community members and building community partners to enhance the opportunities available for the children and teens we serve. When working in a child care setting, we focus on establishing friendships for the child as well as increasing child care staff’s knowledge, comfort level and involvement with including children with disabilities in their program. When working with teenagers, Inclusion Facilitators are responsible for inclusive and individualized social and recreational opportunities for youth. No experience necessary.

Rate of pay is $16.00/hour with mileage and expense reimbursement.

Respite Providers – Respite

This position works directly with children, teenagers and adults who have developmental disabilities. Respite Providers are responsible for providing quality care for children, youth or adults with developmental disabilities; offering relief to family members or caregivers and allowing them the freedom to work, go to school, or just take a break, knowing that their family member with a disability is well cared for and safe. Respite care may take place in the family’s home, in the provider’s home or in the community. No experience necessary.

Rate of pay is $14.70 – $18.00/hour with mileage and expense reimbursement.

Support Specialists – Respite

This position typically work with families experiencing more stress or whose child is at risk of out of home placement. This position plays an instrumental role in providing families under levels of high stress with quality care resulting in their decreased stress. Support Specialists are responsible for assisting the CARES Coordinator with stabilizing respite services for a family and then training new respite providers on the family/child’s team when recruited. Though each situation is unique, involvement with families is not likely long term and will decrease as the stress level in the family’s lives decrease and respite providers are in place.

While Support Specialists offer traditional respite care services to families other responsibilities may include parental or family guidance, implementing a positive support plan, helping provide structure to the environment, etc. Support Specialist are also called upon, when available, to offer back up support to all UCP respite families in the respite program who need immediate respite services or whose planned respite care falls through.

The skill level required for a Support Specialist is typically higher than a Respite Provider as Support Specialists are depended upon to be able to enter most situations with comfort and minimal training on the direct needs of the consumer.

Rate of pay is $17.00/hour with mileage and expense reimbursement.