Thanks to the support of hundreds of volunteers each year, we dedicate over 90% of our annual budget to UCP’s programs and services. We are always looking for volunteers to help out with special events, office support and program needs.

Special Event Volunteers may contact Carolynn Schwartz, Special Event Coordinator, to learn how you can help with UCP special events such as:

 UCP Celebrity Gala and Auction (October)

Pre-Event Volunteers help November through January by securing auction items, sharing new ideas or picking up donations at area businesses.

Event Day Volunteers help prepare the silent auction at the event venue.

UCP at Brat Fest (Memorial Day Weekend)

Volunteer for any of the various roles at Brat Fest, held each year over Memorial Day weekend. More details can be on the UCP at Brat Fest event page.

UCP Days (May-July)

Volunteer to be a site coordinator at your place of employment. Choose from select dates in the summer for your company to participate and gather lunch orders from our customized UCP menu featuring an area restaurant. Collect $10 from each person who orders, forward information to UCP and our staff will deliver lunch to you.

Turkey Trot for UCP (November)

UCP is the Charity of Record for the Madison’s Turkey Trot, a 5K run/walk/roll that will take place at 8:00 am Thanksgiving Day at Alliant Energy Center in Madison. 

We are looking for runners and volunteers for this event. If interested in running (or walking), please register by visiting the Madison Turkey Trot Website and entering promo code UCPDANE. Receive 10% off when you use promo code ‘UCPDANE.’

We are looking for volunteers to help us on event day (7-10am) with registration and general encouragement for the race participants. Please contact Carolynn Schwartz to sign up.

Come Trot with us! 

Program Volunteers 
may choose from opportunities with Youth Resources or Birth to 3 Connections.

Youth Resources 
works with volunteers year-round to help with the direct support of children and teens with disabilities. Please contact Amy Dallman, if you are interested in volunteering for UCP’s Youth Resources. 

Youth Resources provides services and supports to empower and educate child care providers and community members on including children and teenagers with disabilities.

Respite enables families to receive support in connecting and      establishing meaningful relationships with qualified care providers. Through these connections, we empower parents (or other family members) to take a break from their daily care responsibilities.

Additionally, our Respite services support children and adults with disabilities by helping them build interdependent relationships outside of their own family and increase opportunities for meaningful and active engagement within their community.

Please contact Amy Dallman, if you are interested in volunteering for UCP’s Respite Program. 

Birth to 3 Connections utilizes the services of a volunteer office assistant who helps the program by filing, collating documents, faxing, preparing information folders for families, photocopying, etc. 

Birth to 3 Connections is an early intervention program for infants and toddlers with developmental delays and disabilities and their families. 

Please contact Stephanie Mikesell, Director, to learn more about volunteer opportunities with UCP’s Birth to 3 Connections.