Greyson’s Story

During labor and an emergency C-section, Greyson stopped breathing and his heart stopped.  After 10 minutes physicians were able resituate him and he was transported to Madison to undergo a cooling process. 

As he approached a little over a year old, I noticed that he wasn’t babbling or making many noises.  Greyson was assigned a speech therapist.  During these sessions she guided us with techniques to best meet Greyson’s needs and learning style and Greyson has flourished under her care.  Angie has also shown Greyson how to express his frustration and needs through words and signs.  In moments when Greyson’s struggled with behavioral problems because of his lack of words, Angie guided us and helped us resolve these behavior issues.  She has taken a child who was barely speaking and gave him a voice. 

I am incredibly proud to say Greyson is now repeating words, signing and speaking without prompting.  Greyson has also struggled with properly swallowing some foods and would occasionally swallow foods whole which would lead to choking.  Angie was completely on top of the situation and promptly offered different techniques.  Through these strategies Greyson has been able to gain awareness during his eating.  His swallowing has improved immensely, and this has been such a relief to us as his parents.  More importantly, Angie and her UCP team have shared in Greyson’s success and expressed their joy with us while Greyson’s language improved each week.  This has been such an incredibly touching part of this process to witness. 

Overall, we are so thankful for the Birth to 3 program.  The staff have given Greyson a skill set that will stay with him forever, a strong foundation to build upon and have been an encouraging voice for both Greyson and us.