The Birth to 3 Approach

What is a Primary Coach Approach? 

Through UCP,  eligible families can expect to be assigned a Primary Coach who supports their family in turning their daily routines into learning opportunities for their child through coaching, modeling and information sharing.  The family and Primary Coach are part of an extensive team of UCP professionals who are available to support all areas of development and concerns as needed. Examples of professionals who may make up a family’s team may include a speech therapist, vision specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, etc.

Additionally, a Service Coordinator is also assigned to each family. Their role is to work with each family to assure that their plan addresses their goals and to provide resources and links to other necessary community resources when appropriate.

Why this approach?

The work we do with families is reinforced through evidenced-based practice. By federal law, early intervention programs, such as Birth to 3 Connections or Birth to 3, Rock County, must be based on the best available research, evidence and practices. For example, research confirms that:

  • A child and family benefit from combining everyday activities, a child’s interests, and parent support;
  • All families, with necessary supports and resources, can enhance their children’s learning and development; and
  • Families are more satisfied with services when a primary coaching approach is used.

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