Benefits of UCP’s Respite

At UCP, our mission includes a focus on encouraging people with disabilities to feel included in their community. As a result, we offer a multi-faceted respite approach which allows us to meet our main objective of caregiver relief while providing services in a variety of locations. In addition to the family’s home, respite can take place in a variety of locations such as libraries, parks, movie theaters, museums, volunteer settings, etc.

  • Families are not expected to single-handedly recruit and hire respite workers. Last year, we provided over 60,000 hours of respite care to more than 330 families.
  • We provide support and supervision of respite workers, which significantly enhances service quality. Our most recent family survey resulted in a 96% family satisfaction rating.
  • We employ supervisory staff that are available to respond to any concerns that families may have regarding respite services.
  • We utilize a variety of recruitment strategies which augment the personal networks of families. Last year, we employed more than 750 respite providers.
  • Our mission and philosophy include a focus on how respite providers can encourage people with disabilities to experience more community inclusion. To help achieve this vision, we encourage friendships through peer and small group respite opportunities.