For children whose families wish to access our respite services, UCP maintains responsibility for collecting necessary information and recommending an initial determination of eligibility.  This is then sent to Dane County for final approval. We share the same eligibility guidelines and processes as several other programs supported by Dane County. Should a child already be enrolled with one of these programs, verbal consent will be needed to contact the other program to confirm that eligibility was already conducted. If eligibility has not been conduct, we will collect medical and school records.

For adults who wish to access our Respite Program, Dane County must conduct the eligibility process. Families who have not had eligibility determined must first contact Dane County Intake at (608) 242-6440.

Our services are designed to serve those who have a developmental disability, live at home with their families and reside in Dane County. Dane County utilizes the state’s definition of developmental disability, which addresses both the cause and extent of the disability. Those served by UCP Respite must meet the following definition and criteria:

A developmental disability, as defined by the county, which has continued or can be expected to continue indefinitely and constitutes a substantial handicap to the individual.

A brain injury will also qualify as a developmental disability if the individual with a brain injury requires treatment similar to that of a developmental disability  in which the condition is expected to continue indefinitely.

A substantial handicap is a functional limitation in three or more life areas, which is likely to be long-term and which results in a delay of 30% or more in skills that are typically attained by other people of that age. The five life areas include: 1) self-care, 2) receptive and expressive communication, 3) mobility, 4) self-direction and independence, and 5) learning. Note that learning must be one of the three areas with a functional limitation where an IQ of less than 70 is typically required.