On-Site Support

On-Site Support may be recommended by a Service Coordinator.  With On-Site Support, Service Coordinators focus on providing the same services received through our Consultative Support (problem solving with child care programs, making recommendations on simple adaptations, etc.), but are typically more involved. With On-Site Support, we provide additional staff (facilitators) to support child care programs as they strive to include children with disabilities.

Once the Service Coordinator makes the recommendation for On-Site Support and receives final approval from the Program Director, a weekly schedule is created in collaboration with the child care program to determine when UCP staff will be present at the child care program.  While providing On-Site Support we have two primary roles:

To partner with child care staff to provide the skills, knowledge and support needed so the child has the same opportunity to participate as their peers. (We encourage the child’s inclusion and participation to match that of any other child in the program.)

To work with child care providers to create an environment that encourages friendships between all children.

Please note that while providing On-Site Support to the child care program, the child care professionals remain the child’s primary care provider and maintain the same responsibility to the child with a disability as they do to any other child in their program.  UCP staff acts as a resource to child care professionals as they strive to provide each child with a successful and inclusive experience.  In general, we follow and support child care program policy and rules as we are aware of them.