Respite Care

UCP’s Respite Care supports families by helping to establish care providers for their family member with a disability. We play a direct role in enabling families (parents or other primary care providers) to take a break from daily care demands by establishing and strengthening relationships between families and other care providers. Our service identifies, screens, employs and supports qualified staff to provide limited term care.

Respite Care may take place in the family’s home or other setting, and can occur for varying lengths of time depending on the needs of the family and available resources.

Each family who receives services through UCP’s Respite Care is assigned a UCP Service Coordinator. Service Coordinators partner with families to find qualified respite provider and help ensure that the family’s needs are met.  Once a match between a UCP respite provider and the family is made, the family schedules the Respite Provider.

Funding for Respite Care in Dane County may be available from a variety of sources. Public dollars (Children’s Long Term Support Waiver, Community Integration Program (CIP)) and private pay may be used. Families that have case management services through Family Support and Resource Center (FSRC) or Dane County Department of Human Services, or who have a Support Broker should consult with them first to confirm available funding options. Limited funding is available through UCP for up to 140 hours per year for qualifying families who do not access other funding options.

A lengthy waitlist is in place for families who are eligible to receive the Dane County Respite Subsidy (140 hours of care) through UCP.

Families accessing the Dane County Subsidy are required to pay $1.76 for every hour of care they schedule with their respite provider(s).