Teen Services

Teenagers with developmental disabilities typically do not have the same opportunities as their peers without disabilities and may have limited opportunities to develop friendships. In addition, many teens with developmental disabilities may not safely be home without supervision like other youth their age. We provide options for teenagers who have developmental disabilities which allow parents to maintain gainful employment and have the peace of mind that their teen is in a safe and enjoyable environment.

We create an atmosphere for teens with developmental disabilities and their peers where mutual, natural friendships are fostered and valued, where disabilities are accepted, where individual differences and unique capabilities are recognized and where community resources are explored.

During Fall, Winter and Spring, Youth Resources provides middle school and high school aged youth living in the Madison Metropolitan School District with after school programming. UCP staff pick up your teen from school when the final bell rings. They will then go out exploring the Madison community before dropping off your child at home (or other specified location). Services are not offered during days when there is no school or on days when school releases early.

During the Summer, Youth Resources provides full-day or partial-day services for teens living in Dane County. Teens in the program are dropped off and picked up from a pre-arranged location in Madison and participate in a variety of fun-filled summer activities. Day trips outside of Madison can be expected.

Fees for costs associated with activities while in the community are the responsibility of the family.  A program fee is charged for our summer program.

Please note that there may be a waitlist for Youth Resources’ Teen services.